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Pleasant Verona! With its beautiful old palaces, and charming country in the distance, seen from terrace walks, and stately, balustraded galleries.
With its Roman gates, still spanning the fair street, and casting, on the sunlight of to-day, the shade of fifteen hundred years ago.

With its marble-fitted churches, lofty towers, rich architecture, and quaint old quiet thoroughfares,
where shouts of Montagues and Capulets once resounded...

Charles Dickens
(Pictures from Italy)



The ancient tradition of using local natural stone can still be admired today in and around our beautiful city of Verona, as unmistakable gifts from history into our modern living. This knowledge of the local natural stone acquired and passed down through time, allows us to create finished products of a very high quality.


In Concordia Marmi we are constantly challenged by the realization of innovative projects and ideas, proceeding from private clients to architects and designers. Our aim is to continue to output the highest quality products, adapted to modern trends, while respecting the traditional methods. With a careful selection of raw materials, combined with the state of the art machinery and the possibility to inject highly specialized expertise (in house and outsourced), our company effectively and efficiently satisfies market requests.


We supply our costumer with a very wide range of products, from rough blocks to slabs, to custom-made finished pieces.

Concordia Marmi is particularly specialised in floors and wall coatings, stairs and other furnishing in different finishes, both for internal and external use, for national and international markets.